Boating Party
Boating Party
Location: Viennese, France
Date: Summer of 1557
In Attendance: King Henry

Queen Catherine
Queen Mary
Prince Francis
Lady Aylee
Lady Lola
Lady Kenna
Greer Norwood
Sebastian de Poitiers

Episode: Kissed
Description: Celebrating the end of Summer

The Boating Party takes place in France at the end of the summer as the last outside party during good weather.


Kissed - 38 Greere & Leith

That night at the Boating Party Greer is caught by Leith in the kitchen crying. Though he doesn’t catch on right away and teases her until she breaks down crying.

Greer and Leith are talking and Greer in much happier now, eating the food he made earlier. Leith Bayard tells her a story about his father's favourite goat he had to chase. Where after he decided, no more sheep and goats, indoor work for him. Greer tells him, her father keeps hounds, and they're all over the house, all the time. She even thinks he cares more about the hounds than her mother and my sisters. Revealing her father sent her so far away, with Queen Mary to be married. She has to marry well, for her family's sake. Her parents made that very clear to her. The only way to rise in the world is through land and title, and for people like them, the only way to achieve theose things will be to marry them. Love has no place in her life, but she hopes it will, but she has four younger sisters counting on her, as well. If she rise, they rise. Adding, Leith should have been there when they saw her off to France, saying they looked at her the way her father looks at an investment, wondering if she'll fail, or pay off. The two then share their first kiss.


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