• Thereselovesyou
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  • Shane for Wax

    I initially got into the show because of Sean Teale being the perfect face claim for one of my characters. I keep an eye on reviews and random comments on the show, moreso now that I'm watching it now (though I'm way behind because I'm watching it thru netflix). One of the most common inevtiably grouses about how there isn't a person of color on the show. Clearly they are forgetting Sean Teale. And when they do remember him, they claim they don't like him being on the show because he's a bad actor or they don't like Louis Conde as a character/person but they always preface it with 'i'm not racist' which almost always is followed by a racist opinion or at the very least is indicative of a guilty conscience. If you have to take two paragraph…

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    i am really suspecting francis-mary-bash love triangle is so similar to stefan-elena-damon love triangle, the storyline where the older brother is inlove with his younger brother's girl which leads me to thinking that all though i am team francis, bash and mary is endgame, i mean think about it in any other shows the first couples is just the beggining of how the endgame begun. i know its a little early to think of endgames but my point is maybe mary will soon fall for bash and im really confuse who is the better couple though because i want to be on the winning side, who doesn't right? but we'll just see

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  • Jennifer Krahn


    February 6, 2014 by Jennifer Krahn
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  • Lilly StarFlower

    Bash & Mary

    February 5, 2014 by Lilly StarFlower

    I love these two so soo soooo much!!! The are just so adorable, They make everything better. Best TV couple ever!!!!

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  • Lorisa214

    Blog Post Rules

    December 27, 2013 by Lorisa214

    Hey guys! For Blog post you can write whatever you want, just keep it PG13. I honestly can't remember if they swear in this show, I don't think so. Beside the word hell & Bastard. Tho they've only ever used the word Bastard as a adjective. Also, please no F bombs.

    You don't HAVE to write about Reign, but it's encouraged. :)

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