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Character French Female
Biographical Information
Real Name: Beatrice
Title: Lady—in-Waiting
Religion: Roman Catholic
Current Location: Kingdom of France
Affiliations: French Court


Physical Description
Gender: Female Female.png
Height: 5'6
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Higher Ground

Beatrice is a Lady-in-Waiting to her Majesty the Queen of France. She is one of her most humble and faithful servants.

Season One

Beatrice was a lady in waiting to Queen Catherine and was with her in The Throne Room when Catherine was to receive her cousins from Italy, Cortenza de' Medici and Roman de' Medici while her husband was away.

Beatrice was asked by her Majesty to take her cousins to their chambers and see them settled. It was implied she was not to let them leave their rooms, and it was promised Beatrice would see to their needs in the meantime.

Unbeknown to Beatrice her life was threatened by Cortenza while she was having a conversation with Mary Stuart. Knowing Beatrice was a favorite of her cousins, proof via the fact she knew her name, Cortenza threatened to kill her if false accusations were to be made against herself.


  • Beatrice has made smaller appearances in other episodes.