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Season 2 Episode
Season 2, Episode 12
Air date January 29, 2015
Written by Chelsey Lore
Directed by Larysa Kondracki
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Sins of the Past
"Doubts like these start wars. You put your country at risk,
as well as your life.
King Francis


Murder, Mayhem and Some Shocking Revelations
Mary finds out the truth from Greer about rumors going around court, forcing Mary to do something she never thought possible. Francis finds himself in a growing rivalry with Condé for Mary. Bash's mother Diane returns, igniting a long overdue confrontation with Catherine, while Claude is determined to find out the truth about who really killed the twins.


Francis finds Mary on the balcony after she didn't show up for breakfast. He believes she has been avoiding him. Mary admits that she saw him the day she returned, sleeping with Lola and the baby. It hurt to see the happier life he could have. He tells her he wants a happier life with her and moves closer to her, but she flinches, reiterating that she cannot bear a man's touch.

Bash goes to Kenna with news of a title and lands and as they're excitedly undressing and preparing to have sex, Bash's mother walks in. She boasts about how Bash granted her titles and land and reveals that he turned down a duchy to be a baron to remain closer to Francis. Kenna isn't pleased, but she's still going to be a baroness.

Catherine is with Henry and her twins, wondering how he managed to keep them from hating her even after she decided not to kill Claude. He listened to them and gave them time, respect, and love. Henry wants her to be more of a part of their world, but she wonders if she's going mad.

Claude asks Bash to look into the murder of the twins and determine who the real killer is.

Mary comes to Francis as he's dividing Narcisse's lands. Francis would like to restore a few parcels of land to loyal Protestants after Narcisse stole that from them. Mary names Lord Condé as a trusted Protestant who deserves some land of his own.

Mary receives word that a prisoner claimed Castleroy is tied to the radicals who attacked the castle. She confronts Greer, who denies her and her husband's involvement. Leith goes to see Greer as she's turning her room over looking for evidence. She admits they funded it, but were unaware of what they were funding. Leith agrees to help her.

After Diane rips into Catherine about her family situation, Henry again appears and strokes Catherine's ego. He then tries to convince her to leave her family in favour of one that loves her and wants to spend time with her, which are Henry and the twins.

Bash is looking for the nannies who were with the twins at the time of their death. One died of old age, the others are proving harder to find. When he does, Claude wants to question them as well.

Condé received the deed to the lands, but he doesn't feel worthy of it. He is also refusing Francis because of his recent decisions. Mary defends her husband but Condé doesn't want to listen to it. As he starts to walk away, Mary takes hold of his arm to detain him, which Francis witnesses from afar, realizing it's not difficult for her to touch Condé at all.

Leith accompanies Greer to the counting house, where Greer asks for Castleroy's ledger. He has heard the rumours about Castleroy and knows that evidence of his funding the radicals is in that ledger, so he will only give it to her for a price - he wants to own 50% of the establishment. Greer signs the deed to give it to him.

One of the nannies, Yvonne, is found. Since the twins' death, she has been relieved from the castle and has gone on to marry a noble. Claude is suspicious of how she managed that.

During an interrogation, Yvonne reveals that on the night that the twins died, Henry coerced her into sleeping with him after forcing her to try Turkish smoke. When she woke up hours later, she returned to the twins and found them frozen to death after someone opened the windows. In order to save herself, she shoved flowers down their throats so Catherine wouldn't blame her, but Claude. The nanny is then taken to the dungeon.

While Catherine is running around with her ghost family outside, the Ice Festival is taking place inside. Francis and Condé argue over Francis' rule and Mary. They decide to air out their differences in a duel. The court watches as the two men grow increasingly aggressive. Just as Condé lunges at Francis, the guards hold him back and the ladies realise that they're competing over Mary.

Out in the snow, Henry seduces Catherine and the two start making out. Catherine is shivering, but Henry pays her no mind. Bash later finds Catherine nearly frozen to death. When they return to the castle, Bash tells her the truth of what happened. Catherine wants the woman punished, but believes that she should be punished as well. She realizes that she chose ignorance to avoid asking herself questions she didn't want answers to.

She tells Bash that Henry hurt his mother, too. Something Catherine says as she's making Bash aware she knew of the promises Henry made to Diane makes him realise something and rush off.

Mary is attending to a cut on Francis' face. He insists that Condé provoked him. Francis believes that Mary encouraged Condé, even though she doesn't realize it. He continues with knowing how painful it is, but the idea of separate lives hurts both their marriage and their duty to their countries. When they have an heir, there cannot be the slightest doubt about their child's paternity. Such doubts start wars. Mary doesn't want to listen to it and storms off.

Henry creeps up on Catherine again, but this time, she isn't having it. She chastises him for letting his indulgences get in the way of his family and lead to the deaths of their twins, before she banishes him from her life completely. She also sends the twins away, albeit gently.

Bash goes to his mother. She wrecked the chapel with the beautiful stained glass Henry built for them just two days before the twins were murdered. She is the one who killed them. He will protect her secret if she leaves and never returns. Diane drops a bombshell about Kenna that upsets Bash just as much as what she did. Neither deserves his forgiveness.

Mary asks Lola to offer herself as a possible match to Condé. Condé isn't pleased that pleased about the union, but is willing to try, as is Lola.

Castleroy's ledger is found. It confirms his guilt. When Mary comes to visit Greer in the dungeon, she informs her that although she may keep her life, that is all she may keep. Greer is stripped of her title, holdings, money, and position at court. She is taken away by a wagon immediately.

Bash confronts Kenna about what her telling Catherine about Diane's plot to have him legitimised. He could have been executed. Kenna didn't think about that, she just wanted Diane out of the way. She wants to leave it in the past, but Bash believes not everything can stay in the past. A person willing to sacrifice lives for their own petty interests is something that cannot.

Francis checks on Mary after everything that went down with Greer. She isn't doing well. She's grieving the loss of yet another friend. She feels alone, but Francis reassures her that she isn't. He offers to stay with her, to watch over her as she sleeps from a divan near her bed. She would like that.

While Diane is packing, Catherine sneaks up on her and hits her in the head with a fire poker. She figured out that Diane killed her twins upon hearing that Bash took her lands away and told her to leave. Diane is indignant, provoking Catherine, whose hands are soon tightening around Diane's neck. Diane did it all for Henry? He is all hers now.


Lady Kenna: Who will be bowing to me, by the way?

Diane de Poitiers: If Claude's looks could kill, I do believe you'd be bathing in your own blood.

Queen Mary: Ah, embezzlement. Excellent choice!

Louis of Condé: One of us utterly failed to protect her, just when she needed it most.

Queen Catherine: Why are you helping me?
Sebastian: That's a very good question.

King Francis: Doubts like these start wars. You put your country at risk, as well as your life.

Queen Mary: Oh, is that caring? It sounds like a man trying to tighten his grip on a woman. You'll understand if I don't stay to hear more.

King Henry: I have always loved you. And the children!
Queen Catherine: When it was convenient. When it didn't keep you from your indulgences that you craved!

Queen Catherine: Return to your hell and leave me to mine!

Sebastian: I can't bear to look at you as you are now, much less hanging from a rope.

Lady Lola: I don't care if your heart leads you my way or not, but I won't have it lead you to Mary.

(Knock on the door)
Queen Mary: One more moment!
Greer Castleroy: One more moment, is that all we have?!

King Francis: I don't want you to feel so alone.
Queen Mary: But I am alone. We both are.
King Francis: We don't have to be.

Queen Catherine: It never occurred to me that a mother would do this to another mother's child.

Queen Catherine: This is for killing my babies! This is for taking my husband, tearing my family apart and this is for turning my daughter against me!
Diane de Poitiers: I did it for Henry! All of it!
Queen Catherine: How perfect! He did it all for Henry, too!


Death Toll [3] [4]
- Lady Yvonne
- Diane de Poitiers


  • The episode synopsis was released on January 15, 2015.
  • This marks Anna Walton's first appearance in Season Two.



  • Credit Order
Actor Character
Adelaide Kane Queen Mary
Megan Follows Queen Catherine
Torrance Coombs Sebastian
Toby Regbo King Francis
Celina Sinden Greer Castleroy
Caitlin Stasey Lady Kenna
Anna Popplewell Lady Lola
Jonathan Keltz Leith Bayard
Sean Teale Louis of Condé
Craig Parker Lord Narcisse
Rose Williams Princess Claude
Guest Staring
Alan van Sprang King Henry
Anna Walton Diane de Poitiers
Rachel Wilson Lady Yvonne
Andrew Musselman Unknown
Adrian Griffin Head of Castle Guards
Madison Oldroyd Princess Emone
Ava Preston Princess Henriette
Sebastin Reaume Castle Guards
Carson Reaume Young Bash
Joel Rinzler Courtier
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



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