Archduke of Bohemia
Archduke of Bohemia
Biographical Information
Real Name: Ferdinand Pius
Title: Archduke of Bohemia

Ferdinand, of Bohemia

Age: 46
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: Bohemia
Family: Sisilia Pius (Sister)
Interests: Lady Kenna
Affiliations: Kingdom of Germany
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 5'9
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Dirty Laundry
Portrayed by: Jonathan Higgins

Character Flag - Germany Noble Male 

Ferdinand, of Bohemia is an older gentleman, who, while visiting France for a diplomatic mission, began courting Lady Kenna.


Ferdinand is an older man, who likes women who are kind, as well as chaste, despite not being so himself.

Early LifeEdit

The Archduchess was raised in Bohemia, Germany as a Nobles along with his younger sister Sisilia. He was married for an unknown amount of time, but his wife died a year before he arrived in France.

Season 1Edit

After meeting in the Kingdom of France in front of King Henry and Queen Catherine about the mishap between their two countries, Ferdinand gained affection for the young Lady Kenna

That night the two were walking through the halls talking and getting to know each other. Ferdinand was very pleased to find Kenna shared his morals and ethics. Even more so, that she was saving herself for her husband.

Later, they shared a small kiss, one that Kenna was very good at. Before he could ask her to come back to Bohemia with him, she screamed when she witnessed someone fall from the window above. Ferdinand panicked, his sister was in that room.

The next day, a letter was given to him, seemingly a suicide note. Realizing it was forged, Queen Catherine told him, his sister had jumped after she herself had caught her entangled with a naked man. The Queen then revealed the man to be Father LeDukes. Ferdinand asked The French Royals to agree on her death being a drowning in the river, not wanting to bring further shame to their family, and save his sister the embarrassment.


  • Queen Catherine stated that Sisilia was a 'Pius Royal' making Ferdinand one too.
  • Ferdinand could read and write, but his sister could not.
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