Character Flag - Germany Noble Female Lady Deceased
Archduchess of Bohemia
ArchDuchess of Bohemia
Biographical Information
Real Name: Sisilia Pius
Title: Archduchess of Bohemia

Sisilia, Archduchess of Bohemia

Age: 30
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: Bohemia
Family: Ferdinand (Brother)
Interests: King Henry II of France
Affiliations: Kingdom of Germany
Physical Description
Gender: Female Female
Height: 5'6
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Dirty Laundry
Portrayed by: Sarah Wilson

Sisilia, of Bohemia is an attractive woman who came to France with her brother. After starting a sexual relationship with the King of France, she fell out of a window.


Sisilia is a mysterious, and very scandalous woman. She seemed to
like to take chances and is adventurous. However, her reputation in Bohemia was that of a virtues woman with high morals.

Early LifeEdit

The Archduchess was raised in Bohemia, Germany as a Noble along with her older brother Ferdinand.

Season 1Edit

After meeting in The Throne Room in-front of King Henry and Queen Catherine about the mishap between their two countries, Sisilia gained affection for the king.

That night the two were passionately engaged with each other when Henry opened a window, after leaning back to far, Sisilia fell out the window to her death.

Herny and Catherine spent the next few hours cleaning up her body and moving it to her own room, attempting to make it look like a suicide. After writing a letter for her brother, her body was tossed out her own window.

The next day, the letter was given to her brother, realizing it was forged, Catherine told her brother she jumped after she caught her entangled with a naked man. She then revealed the man to be Father LeDukes.


  • Sisilia died after King Henry accident pushed her out of a window.
  • Catherine stated that Sisilia was a 'Pius Royal'
  • Sisilia was illiterate.

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