Season 2 Family
Antoine and Louis
Real Names: King Antoine
Louis Condé
Ages: 18 & 25
Status: Fighting Sins of the Past


Length of Relationship:

Whole Life


Kingdom of France
House of Bourbon

First appearance: Mercy

"Francis will find a way, of killing you for this. You will be running
for your life.
King Antoine

Early lifeEdit

Antoine and Louis grew up together along with their other brother Marcus de Bourbon, with a very lush lifestyle, because of their Noble parents. At a young age, Louis was consider for the next king of France, and Antoine already had an arranged marriage to the soon-to-be-Queen of Navarre.

Season TwoEdit


Louis Condé: Mary has no romantic feelings for me.
King Antoine: What, you’ve never changed a woman’s mind before? [1]

King Antoine: Francis will find a way of killing you for this. You will be running for your life.

King Antoine: End it now, or I will end both of you. [2]


  • Emile Condé's mother's name in never mentioned, Mary of Bourbon in the most logical choice. She had 9 brothers, and sisters 3 sisters, all three of whom died young. [3]
  • Despite his brother already mentioning him as a Protestant, Antoine appears very catholic.
  • Louis Condé's fate was revealed. He was taken as prisoner in the mountains, and his brother is expected to pay his ransom. [4]
  • King Antoine agreed to convert to Catholicism, and renounce his claim to the French Thrown to save his brother. [4]

Historical NotesEdit

  • Real name, Louis de Bourbon, AKA Louis, Prince of Condé.
  • Louis was titled Prince of Condé on 15 January 1557
  • Antoine appears not to have a real religious conviction and officially changed religions several times.
  • His parents had 13 children, including himself, and Louis Condé. However they only had 4 daughters, none of whom had any children.
  • One of his brother's supporters acturally killed the Duke of Guise
  • Antonie was the father of Henry IV, King of France, who ascended to the throne after the extinction of the House of Valois in the male line.


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Family TreeEdit

Charles, Duke of Vendôme †
Françoise d'Alençon †
Unnamed Sister
King Antoine of Navarre
Queen Jeanne of Navarre
Marcus de Bourbon
Prince Louis of Condé
Emile Condé
Henry de Bourbon
Catherine de Bourbon

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