All It Cost Her
Season Four, Episode 16
All It Cost Her
Air date June 16, 2017
Written by April Blair
Laurie McCarthy
Directed by Holly Dale
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Season 4 Episode
"Because I cannot have her blood on my hands. And I cannot let her go."
Queen Elizabeth


Mary makes a decision that will change the course of history -- forever shaping the fate of her nation, her crown, and her newborn son. Mary's perilous move for her survival causes the stunning realization that perhaps she is not the only one who may not survive. Meanwhile, Elizabeth steadies herself for war and will become the instigator in Mary's demise while later realizing she and Mary might be more similar than either thought.


Guard: If you have a baby that isn’t yours, you’ll hang, unless you cooperate.

Queen Catherine: Tell me, how is Mary?
Lord Narcisse: Struggling to maintain her throne.

Queen Catherine: This is Stéphane Narcisse, he's the Lord Chancellor of France. Stéphane, this is a witch that my pious daughter, Leeza, rounded up amongst other heretics.
Emanuelle: I didn’t care for her. Clearly, you didn’t either.

Emanuelle: Don't worry. Spain will still be a bother, but its queen won't be a problem much longer. Complications with her third child. A girl.

Emanuelle: Nicole is inches from the grave. She just doesn’t know it yet.
Queen Catherine: Then you'll have your money and your freedom.

Queen Catherine: Claude, this isn't your fault. Luc is gone, you are here, which means he abandoned you.

Princess Claude: I lost both the man I love and the man I could have loved.

King Darnley: My son you mean... My God, I think I left him somewhere!

Queen Catherine: Well, it’s not my usual form, but let me pay you how I planned.

Queen Elizabeth: I am England! And I need no one to save me! Not from Spain. Not from the Chaotic Church. Not from anyone. I am Elizabeth Tudor and I will bow to no man. I will face ever threat to my reign with sword in hand. And any who shall stand in my way shall fall.

Queen Catherine: I have always put my children first. I have done terrible things! I have always done it for their good. But are they worth it?
Francis was. A noble decent man. And a good king.

Emanuelle: The key to your survival, should you choose it, is your daughter, Margot. Blood will flow, but it won't be yours, if you have Margot at your side.

John Knox:Men will never willingly bow to the weaker sex.
Queen Mary: And they will suffer greatly for it.

Queen Elizabeth: Because I cannot have her blood on my hands. And I cannot let her go.

Queen Mary: I put my trust in you, my Lord.


Unseen Aftermath
Emanuelle's predictions of the House of Valois came true.

Death Toll [1][2]
- King Darnley
- Queen Mary Stuart


  • Ben Geurens was credited, but did not appear.
  • Torrance Coombs was in Spain shooting Still Star Crossed during the time the finale was shot, and was therefore unable to return.
    • Had the show been renewed for a season 5, he would have returned to the show.

Historical Notes

Historical Aftermath



  • Credit Order
Actor Character
Adelaide Kane Queen Mary
Megan Follows Queen Catherine
Rachel Skarsten Queen Elizabeth
Toby Regbo King Francis
Celina Sinden Lady Greer
Craig Parker Lord Narcisse
Rose Williams Princess Claude
Dan Jeannotte James Stuart
Jonathan Goad John Knox
Spencer MacPherson King Charles
Will Kemp King Darnley
Guest Staring
Adam Croasdell Lord Bothwell
Nola Augustson Lady Lennox
Richard Fleeshman Francis Drake
Rebecca Liddiard Princess Margaret
Nick Slater Prince Henri
Ann Pirvu Nicole Touchet
Steve Byers Archduke Ferdinand
Megan Hutchings Jane
Jake Foy King James Stuart
Catherine Bérubé Emanuelle
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut


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