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Biographical Information
Real Name: Alexandra
Title: Lady-in-Waiting
Current Location: France
Interests: Leith Bayard
Affiliations: Kingdom of France


Physical Description
Gender: Female Female.png
Height: 5'5½
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Extreme Measures
Portrayed by: Sarah Claire Alan

Character French Female Noble.png Lady.png 

Alexandra is a personal handmaid to Princess Claude. Though not a Lady she is respected, and has at least some money. However doesn't have to be cautious, as was caught half naked with Leith Bayard.

Season 3[]

Alexandra announced the English envoy Nicholas's arrival to Princess Claude who was outside waiting for him. Once he arrived, he left with the princess and Leith Bayard was expected to take his things. A station he had outgrown. [1]

The next night the two were caught heavily making out by Princess Claude is Leith's room. Leith quickly ran after the Princess to explain their situation. [1]

A few weeks later, all three found themself in a Claude's chambers together. Alexandra quickly made her escape with a curtsy to Princess Claude and a glare to Leith Bayard who had ended things with her over the Princess. [2]


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