Character Flag - France Male Pagan
Biographical Information
Real Name: Alec
Title: Bodyguard
Age: 40+
Religion: Pagan
Affiliations: Kingdom of France
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 5'6
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Sacrifice
Portrayed by: Daniel Fathers

"Learn to expect the blade, you can't see."

Alec was the bodyguard for the region acting head-of-state, Sebastian, when he was to become heir to the throne.


Alec is a hard teacher, who only wanted his new student to stay alive. He is also a smart and determined man who is loyal and understanding.

Early LifeEdit

Alec was born into the life of a Pagan and practices it still. However, he is into the natural and spiritual side of the religion. Sometime in his past he befriended Diane de Poitiers presumably when they were both still young, and in their teens.

Season 1Edit

Alec was brought to French Court to serve Sebastian, the next king of France, as his bodyguard, at his mother, Diane's request.

Alec was giving Bash another lesson on self-defence and sword practice. He wins another round and reminds his student to pay closer attention. They are interrupted by her majesty The Queen of Scotland. This soon ends their lesson for the day.

Sacrifice - 9 Mary bash n Alec

I'm very much alright

While Sebastian was in The Throne Room Alec kept watch. Not long into the meeting Bash was attacked. Alec stopped the attacker, though got his hand sliced open with a blade. Alec brushed off the attack, as part of his duty is serving the Crown.

The next day Alec accompanied Bash, his cousin Isobel Derant who is 8 or 9 months pregant, and Queen Mary on their travels. When they decided to stop for the night Alec setts up camp while the two royals go off and talk.

Sacrifice - 29 Sebastian n Mary n Alec

Gotta be more careful.

That night Isobel went into labour, and being in The Blood Wood Alec and Sebastian set up Pagan marking to keep anyone who might harm them away. Hours later Queen Mary left the tent and rips down all the symbols, thing they are being targeted. Bash explains they put them up themselves to keep outsiders away. As he is explaining voices surround them in a threatening manor. Himself and Bash chant an old Pagan song,and soon the outsiders leave.

When dawn approached it becomes clear that Isobel would not survive. She soon died in Sebastian's arms leaving her baby in his and Mary's care.

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