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Agatha Blackburn
Agatha Blackburn
Biographical Information
Real Name: Agatha Blackburn
Age: 10
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: London, England
Current Location: England
Parents: Gideon Blackburn (Father)

Unnamed Mother

Affiliations: Kingdom of England
Physical Description
Gender: Female Female
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Succession
Portrayed by: Macy Drouin

Agatha Blackburn is the young daughter of Gideon Blackburn. Her mother died in child birth, and she doesn't often get to see her father.

Season 3


  • Sent a drawing to her father. [1]
  • Finds out she will be traveling to France to visit her father. [2]
  • Mary Stuart bought her a doll from Rome.[3]


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