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• 7/7/2018

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• 6/17/2017

All It Cost Her - Discussion

This is a page to talk about the final episode of Reign, All It Cost Her. Write about any opinions, comments, questions, notes, trivia, etc.
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• 3/12/2016


The CW has renewed Reign for a fourth season, as was announced yesterday.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
The Flash
Jane The Virgin
The Originals
Reign (YAYAE!)
The Vampire Diaries
The 100 (Very good show too!)
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• 11/17/2015

The King Francis' Episode Discussions

Here is where we can all talk about the latest episode of Reign, In A Clearing.
Anyone can write anything, about the episode, characters ect.
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• 11/6/2015

The Price 3X04

Hello Royals, and welcome to the ReignWikia Discussion page for the 4th episode! Here you can comment, complain, predict, or ask questions about the episode! Carefull of Spoilers, as it airs 1 day early in Canada, than in America. I do warn you, The Price has Spoilers from the episode after it airs on Thursday in Canada. So read the page at your own risk :)
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• 9/26/2015

New Episode info, Twitter and MORE

Hey Guys! Season Three is less than 2 weeks away!
As you know there have been a few changes. We now have Twitter on the home page, so feel free to Follow!
The FIRST episode of Season 3, Three Queens, Two Tigers has it's own page complete with official images and the Synopsis.
But don't forget the Spoilers page. We've had it every year, and even have a specifica page for Season Three Spoilers called Spoilers - Season Three. And there is a lot coming!
New Characters include;

Queen Elizabeth Queen of England, and Queen Mary's cousin. Time will be split between their two kingdoms, as fear and hatred grow.
Amy Dudley Married to Robert Dudley, Amy is concerned over her marriage. Robert spends much of his time with Elizabeth and rumors suggest that their friendship is more then just that. Despite these rumors, Amy fights to keep her marriage alive, even against impossible odds.
Robert Dudley Married to Amy Dudley and the favorite of Elizabeth. Robert has known Elizabeth since they were children and both hide secrets known only to them. Despite wanting to move on from his past with Elizabeth, she uses her power to keep him close.
Charles IX Of France, Charles is the Dauphin of France. Described as mischievous and a party-boy, he has recently returned from Spain to be taught by Francis. Francis’ time is running out however and Charles is not interested in partaking in his lessons.
Martin de Lambert A fearless & dangerous pirate who arrives at French court. Capable of going toe-to-toe with monarchs, Martin is good at getting women into bed and leaving them glad they shared the experience.
Nicholas A charming man who is appointed by Queen Elizabeth to be England’s ambassador to France. Little does Mary Stuart know, Nicholas is also a spy for her rival, and has a deep grudge against her.
Don Carlos Spain’s sexy and charming prince. With aspirations to be king (a good one) and very specific sexual taste, Don Carlos will prove a point of intrigue and desire for the royals.
Lady Constance She knows the power her charm, and she will immediately catch the eye of Prince Charles.
William Cecil A trusted advisor to the English Queen. William will also appear opposite Robert Dudley.
Lady Donatella - She works for Queen Elizabeth of England.
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• 7/26/2015

Want to write questions for Reign?

We are seeking avid fans of the awesome TV show Reign?. We would very much appreciate it if you could post the following on your forum?
Want to write questions for Reign? We are currently looking to invite any interested members to contact us to get involved in this exciting new project. We are seeking fans to help create questions for a new quiz game application that is currently under development.This is an exciting next generation mobile application which has been under development for a year and will be released onto the Google play store, the Windows Phone store and the Apple store later on this year (2015).
To get involved visit
Many thanks
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• 3/21/2015

Tempting Fate Discussions

What did you guys think of Tempting Fate??!?
I thought Mary was going to bel left alone!! And then Francis would have to take her back and he'd be both happy and hurt by it. BUT NOPE!
Why is Bash leaving Kenna? She didn't do anything bro. She THOUGHT about leaving you but didn't!!! And you'd been a crappy husband who was gone weeks at a time.
LOLA stepped up!!! What a nice speech she gave to her Queen!
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• 2/6/2015


Hey everyone! Just so you know. WE DO HAVE A SPOILERS PAGE!
Check it out here, Spoilers
Anything you want to add, run it by me, and I'll see what I can do.
Don't forget to press the show icon to see the most recent spoilers!
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• 1/12/2015


Congratulations Royals!
There will be a season 3!
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• 1/1/2015

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hello, just wanted to wish you all a happy new year!
Enjoy the rest of it :)
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• 11/12/2014

The Finals! - Fall TV Obsession Tournament

Reign has made it to the finals!
We are know in the Elite 2 of the Fall TV Obsession Tournament! Hosted by E!
We are currently agents Outlander, and we are sadly not in the lead, with a 26.9% And there is only ONE DAY LEFT TO VOTE!
So if you want to vote for yourself, Click Here!
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• 11/5/2014

Fall TV Obsession Tournament - Elite 8

Reign has made it to the finals (?) of the Elite 8 of the Fall TV Obsession Tournament! Hosted on E!
We are currently agents Scandal, with a lead with 64% so if you want to vote for yourself, Click Here!
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• 11/2/2014

the reintroduction of Mary and bash

im going to say it. Bash is like my favorite person ever. i just got into reign and it is the best thing ever. i would hope that mary would want to be with bash insted of francis, because when mary first got to the castle francis was rude to her, while bash was kind and helped her feel welcome. Also francis betrays scotland for the benifit all the time, just like henry.  i think mash should get involved again
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• 10/23/2014

Discussion of The Lamb and the Slaughter

If you've already seen the latest episode of Reign, The Lamb and the Slaughter feel free to talk about it here! Make sure to add 'Spoiler' for anything anyone who is still waiting for Thursday's episode won't know yet.
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• 10/23/2014


Check out the Fashion links and lear about what Kenna, Greer, Lola and Queen Mary herself wear each week.
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• 8/15/2014

Frary or Mash?

this love triangle dont have much chemistry but i hope it would have one sooner
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• 6/26/2014

Hopes for Season Two

Hey guys! Season Two has a production date! They are going to start filming in less than two weeks from now. So with the first episode to air on October 2, I thought this would be a great place to talk about what we want to see for the new season!
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• 3/29/2014

There are several mistakes on this wiki

1) Many pages keep having [name] was dead in 1577. This doesn't matter - the show is set in 1557, not 1577!
2) The page for Mary I of England has the wrong picture - that is a picture of her aunt, Mary Tudor, Queen of France, Duchess of Suffolk, from her wedding picture.
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• 3/28/2014


Talk any and all theories about future episodes of Reign, But if you can, relate it to THIS episode. What you think might be going on with characters, who likes who, etc. Be free!
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